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We can take your design from concept to reality.

Through the use of 3-D CAD software, we can import your drawing file or draw your part into a 3-D image that can then be used to build a new tool for your product. We have experienced in-house tool building capabilities to help build your tool in the most efficient manner for our process thereby saving you money. Additionally, we can cost effectively modify tooling previously built at another location.

In-House Sampling

We produce a first article pilot run for your approval. In this stage of the process, we get to fine tune our plans for your product. Our Engineering process is evaluated through the process as your new product is manufactured to your requirements. The finished casting will then go through a dimensional inspection and be delivered to you for your approval.

Chemical Verification

We have our own Spectrometer located right in the middle of our foundry which allows us the ability to verify the chemistry of the materials we are pouring real-time. A chemical certification can be provided, for most materials, at no additional charge.

Outside Services

We have several long term relationships with local vendors that help us provide excellent turn around times and very competitive prices for any secondary process you may require. We can have parts heattreated, machined, plated, and provide many other services during the process which will save you time and money.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

We have been ISO registered since 2012. Building a QMS that supports our manufacturing process has helped us become a more efficient and dependable supplier to our cusotmers.

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